Workshops > Training

Workshops "are greater than" training because training does not add immediate value.  Being told about a theory, process, or tool does not provide learning. It is information, but it is not learning.

The vast majority of training value is lost between leaving the training class and going back to the job. You are expected to bring all that information back, train your colleagues, and lead them through the change.  This approach rarely works.  We call this"the training gap".


Instead of training, we have workshops. The emphasis is on the WORK. We are going to create a customized workshop that provides tools and theory, but immediately has you integrate them with work that you are facing right now!  No training can replicate your exact organizational context.  

We believe workshops provide a better value to you and your organization because:

  1. You will quickly understand how to apply the training, tools and techniques.

  2. You will have a safe space to practice with your team.  Failure is learning!

  3. The team that learns together will be able to support each other through every challenge. 

  4. You will have some fun as a team. Team bonding cannot be understated as a value of these workshops.


Start by taking a look at our workshops or our twelve-week products. We will then work with you to customize the solution to provide the highest amount of value in the quickest amount of time. 


We wish there was a "one size fits all" solution.  Every organization has a different structure, culture, mission, and team members.  Our solutions recognize the strengths that you have and then build upon those in a meaningful, incremental manner.  


Whether you are just starting out or you are a team that has been together for 15 years. We will be able to come in and help you get to the next level...and the next level...and the next level.

Our Workshops

Agile Leadership Summit

One day workshop for Agile Leaders to learn, plan and transform together.

Customized outcomes to reflect your unique needs.

Product Blueprint Workshop

One to three day workshop designed to create a Product Vision, Roadmap, Backlog, and Metrics to measure value. 

Customized outcomes to reflect your unique needs.

AGile Team StarT or Refresh

Three day workshop to get an agile team started on the right path in order to add value immediately

This is also a great option to provide an existing agile team a fresh start to get to the next level. 

Customized outcomes to reflect your unique needs.

Agile Funding

Funding products is different than funding projects. 


This one day workshop will give you the blueprint for  on funding agile and product based initiatives.

Customized outcomes to reflect your unique needs.