We believe in workshops over training.

Instead of training, we have workshops. The emphasis is on the WORK. We are going to create a customized workshop that provides tools and theory, then immediately has you integrate them with work that you are facing right now!  No training can replicate your exact organizational context.  Our workshops bridge that gap.

We believe workshops provide a better value to you and your organization because:

  1. You will immediately apply the training, tools and techniques to real work. 

  2. You will have a safe space to practice with your team.  Failure is learning!

  3. Teams that learn together will be able to support each other through the learning curve

  4. You will have a fun, shared learning experience. Team bonding cannot be understated as a value of these workshops.



Agile Team Blueprint

Recommended for:

  • New Teams

  • Existing Teams ready for the next level

Teams that are trained together, have a much higher chance of success.  When teams learn together, they can support each other through the change process.

We have created a three day workshop that will get a new team started or an existing team to a new level.

Agile, Scrum, Kanban, XP, and Waterfall.  We use the framework that is best for your specific needs.  

You will create:

  • Product Vision

  • Product Roadmap

  • Role Definition Matrix

  • Product Backlog for up to 6 months

  • Release Plan

  • Customer Journey Map

  • Value Stream Map

  • Development Schedule

  • Team Working Agreement

  • Team Metrics

  • Additional items TBD

The Team will understand and practice the fundamental change to product development.  Cross-functional teams focused on creating elegant products in the most efficient manner possible.  


Outcomes A fully educated, empowered, and organized Team focused on building high-quality products.  A Team set-up to take on any challenge the customer or organization asks of them. 

3 Days

1-3 Teams


Scrum Master Blueprint

The Scrum Master is the glue that keeps your team together and the coach that keeps your team evolving.  Scrum Masters are accountable for building high-performing teams. 

We have created a workshop that goes far beyond a certification.  Our techniques and exercises have come from over 15 years of experience. 

You will create:

  • Product Owner Coaching Plan

  • Dev Team Coaching Plan

  • Retrospective Plan

  • Team Training Plan

  • Facilitation Skills

  • Additional items TBD

This will help you optimize the biggest investment in your organization: 

Your talented people.  

The ones that you trust to execute upon the vision and delight your customers.  

Outcomes:  A team of scrum masters that have the skills and understanding of how to create high-performing teams. 

1-3 Days (tbd)

Up to 18 participants

Asset 12.png

Product Owner Blueprint

The Product Owner is the most integral role on the team.  Unfortunately, they are the most underserved in terms of training and coaching.

We have created a workshop that leverages the real work of your Product Owner(s).       It is customized to meet the immediate needs of your Product Owners:

You will create:

  • Product Vision

  • Product Roadmap

  • Product Backlog

  • Stakeholder Heat Map

  • Customer Journey

  • Value Stream Map

  • Additional items TBD


This work will immediately add value to your team and organization. 

We will finish with an exercise that will provide you with guidance for the next 3-9 months (and beyond).


Outcomes An exceptional Team of Product Owners with a product vision, roadmap, and backlog ready to be developed by the Delivery Team.  

1-3 Days (tbd)

Up to 18 participants

2019-03-29 13.39.28.jpg

Choose Your Own Training Adventure Blueprint

You are a unique organization.  Let's create a customized training based on your organization's:

  • Culture

  • Product

  • Team Structure

  • Market

  • Goals

Using our 30 years of product development experience and over 15 years of agile experience, we will customize a workshop exclusively for your needs. 


We will provide suggestions, but you and your team will determine the most valuable outcomes for your workshop.  


Outcomes Customized to meet your exact needs.   

1-3 Days (tbd)

Participants (tbd)

Agile Leader.png

Agile Leader Blueprint

A new form of Leadership is required for any organization that is looking to leverage an agile mindset and framework.

We have created a workshop designed specifically for the Leadership of an evolving organization. It is customized to reflect your unique organizational culture, customer, and product(s).

You will create:

  • Organizational Vision

  • Product Portfolio

  • Funding Model

  • Key Role Mapping

  • Metric dashboard

  • Additional items TBD


This will help you organize your team and portfolio in order to optimize your transition.   Not all work creates the same value, we use analytics to show you where to invest your time and money.

The effort to transform your organization needs to be treated like any other product in your portfolio.   It requires focus and dedication. 

Outcomes: A united Leadership Team that has a prioritized product portfolio, a transition roadmap, and a funding model outlined to support the transition.  

1-3 Days (tbd)

Up to 9 participants

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