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We are obsessed with optimizing business value

We Believe:

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Great Teams Build Great Products

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Great Products Build Great Companies

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Great Companies are Passionate About Customers

Our "Why"

We want your organization to withstand anything the competition, customers, or markets throw at you. To guide your organization we have built a suite of products that combine training, coaching, and DOING.  ​We can type up 1000s of words you won't read or have a 15 minute conversation to see if we would be a partner you would like to team up with.  Send us a note at and we will set something up as quickly as possible.

Our Story

For over 25+ years we have been part of some of the greatest organizations on the planet. We have created world class products using resulting in billions of dollars of value. This experience has taught us that our organizations must constantly be evolving. Stagnant organizations become extinct organizations. And speaking about being stagnant, let's talk about consulting. The consulting model is broken. More precise, the consulting model has not evolved in 40 years. Does this look familiar when dealing with a legacy consulting firm: - 90-day "discovery phase" - A slick deck telling you the issues your teams already know about - A proposal for how they can fix all your problems - A bill for the 90-day discovery phases - $0 business value created Recap: 90-days invested to get information you already know and an opportunity to spend even more money. How is this still a thing? This is why we have created a new approach where we combine training and coaching with doing real work! The only way we truly learn is by applying concepts to our daily work. That is what our 90-day experiment does: - We focus on your #1 opportunity - Assemble an autonomous, cross-functional team - Train and coach while doing real work - Deliver up to 6 working products that will capture the value of your #1 opportunity Gather empirical data on - Did we focus on the right opportunity? - Do we have the right team that can build this? - Do we know how to capture this opportunity? - Are we meeting customer expectations and needs? - How long this work will really take Recap: 90 days invested while delivering business value and a creating high-performing team that can continue the work on their own. So in comparison of the 90-day outcomes: - PowerPoint slides vs. Real work by a real team making real value. Which one do you want? If you are ready to build a true partnership with a company that only cares about your goals, please reach out to us at and we can start.

Our "How"

There is no rule that says we can't do real work while being trained! So that is what all our products do. We do just enough training for the team to instantly apply to their work. We coach them through the challenges while they learn what works and what does not. Then we show off our work to our stakeholders, get immediate feedback, and then get back to work. The more times we can complete this cycle, that faster we will learn. And the faster we learn, the more value we will create! Want to learn more? Let's chat by connecting with us at

Our Commitment

Your goals are our goals. We only succeed when you succeed. We are committed to doing everything in our power to make you happy. Our professionals stay with you through every step. They are experts in doing, coaching and training. We keep our engagement teams as lean as possible to save you money. Let's have a quick chat. Contact us at to see what we are about and put us to the test!

Our Difference

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We are for the 5% of companies, leaders and individuals that want to unleash their full potential.

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