What is scaling and why it is critical

🚀 Breaking Through Scaling Challenges: From 4 to 40 Teams🌐

Ever wondered why your brilliant ideas get stuck at a handful of teams and can’t seem to spread their wings across your organization? 🤔

That’s the roadblock we’re smashing through in my latest YouTube video!

Scaling isn’t just about adopting agility; it’s a whole different ballgame.

Leaders, if you’re making the same scaling mistakes, you’re not just hitting roadblocks — you might be on the fast track to business stagnation! 📉💸

In this video, I’m uncovering the secrets to scaling success and helping you dodge the pitfalls that keep great ideas trapped. 🚫🛑

Let’s get you out of that rut and soaring with innovation! 🚀💡

Ready to transform your scaling game? Hit play now!

This week’s video is packed with pop culture references that’ll have you laughing include a broken Cybertruk, Who Moved Your Cheese, Eric Cartman, @simonsinek, instructions on how to roll up your sleeves, a Ron Swanson slightly NSFW quote, and many, many more.🕺

And if you look closely at my desk, you might see a new book from my friend, Paulie Skaja – buy it here: https://www.amazon.com/Next-Stop-Your-Dream-Job/dp/B0CM84GXSX/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=paulie+skaja&qid=1699378517&s=audible&sr=1-1 – more on that to come!

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Have a valuable week!
Your friendly neighborhood product owner,
Tom – Tom@AuldLLC.com

Fear of Becoming Obsolete is presented by AuldConsultingLLC

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Introducing Thomas (Tom) Auld 🚀: 🌟 Visionary Chief Product Owner & Founder of Auld Consulting 🌍 With 25+ years of unparalleled business insight, Tom brings a dynamic blend of wisdom, 2 decades of agile prowess, and a remarkable track record of conquering 11 transformative business agility journeys. 🌪️💼

🌟 A Master of Agile Training 🌐 Tom is one of the select few trainers globally certified as both a Registered Scrum Trainer™ & Registered Scrum at Scale Trainer™. Combining his quarter-century of experience, including those 10 agile business transformations, his training classes stand as the pinnacle of interactivity and relevance in the market.

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🎯Video training cannot replicate the learning for an in-person class. That is why Tom made a decision to only offer in-person training.

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Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner: December 18-19: https://www.auldconsultingllc.com/event-details/hollstadt-consulting-presents-scrum-scale-practitioner-december-18-19-with-rs-st-thomas-auld

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