Welcome to Auld Consulting!

Welcome to Auld Consulting!

The new age of product based servicesWhen is the last time your consulting partner changed the way they do business? 3 month assessments and 5 year strategic roadmaps are out of date the second they come off the printer.

We think you deserve a better product!

We have created specialized training and focused coaching resulting in immediate value creation and a foundation for future growth.

Our only goal is to help you achieve your goals

We will do this by training and coaching you to become a learning organization that can capture any opportunity your Market or Customers present

By focusing on building high-performing teams you will be able to quickly realize value from your products

Our products are designed to produce measurable results, not just an invoice.

Since 2006 we have been focused on the best way to add value to our organizations, clients, and community. Now as we continue on our organizations’s evolution, we welcome you to the new Auld Consulting LLC.

We have built specialized products focused on building high-performing Product Owners, Agile Leaders and Delivery Teams. All of our products are built with an outcome in mind; An outcome that you will help define.

Regardless if it is Waterfall, Agile, Lean, XP, or the next “big thing”; We will partner with you to be successful.

No longer will you pay for activities that add zero value. Every effort we join you in will result in an outcome that you will find valuable.

Please contact us for your free conversation. We look forward to being the partner that helps get you to your next stage in your business evolution.

Have a valuable week!

Tom Auld


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