Video: Product Owner In a Nutshell

Video: Product Owner In a Nutshell

Today’s Product Owner Wednesday increment brings the first video. Since we know that we all resonate with different types of content (video, text, audio, sensory, etc.) we wanted to share with you one of our favorites.

We thank Henrik Kniberg for creating this video way back in October, 2012. Although some of the terminology in the video is dated, the concepts are spot on.

If you only have 15 minutes to make an impression on your team or your Leadership team on how to properly leverage agile, start here!

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Have a valuable week!

Video: Product Owner In a Nutshell

Product Owner Wednesday (POW): In this series we aim to share quick, yet meaningful nuggets focused on the Product Owner in an organization practicing agile. In addition to providing ideas to the Product Owner, we encourage Leaders responsible for organizational transformation and Scrum Master to read this too in order to support their Product Owners.

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