Scrum@Scale training in Minnesota! Registered Product Owner and Registered Scrum Master coming 2023!

Scrum@Scale training in Minnesota! Registered Product Owner and Registered Scrum Master coming 2023!

For the first time in the last 5 years, Scrum@Scale training is in Minnesota.

Scrum@Scale allows an organization to grow organically, at its own pace, and efficiently coordinate an unlimited number of scrum teams through its use of a “scale-free” architecture. The concepts behind the framework are well documented and also less prescriptive than other frameworks.

If you are “stuck” in your business transformation, this is the MUST TAKE class for you and your team. You will not only learn the concepts and ideas, but you will leave the class with a template for you to immediately implement upon returning to your org.

Better still, this class in in-person! No more staring at yourself for 9 hours, dealing with audio and break out room issues, and getting no one-on-one time with the trainers. You will get to network with other professionals while getting all of the hand-on experiences that are mandatory for this approach to work.

A certified scrum master or product owner class is highly recommended before taking the Scrum@Scale Practitioner class. To help, we have upcoming Product Owner and Scrum Master classes. There is a discount for taking multiple classes.

Group discounts are available.

Grants and scholarships are available for anybody in a job transition or looking to get back into the market place. Please contact to get the details.

Private classes are available. We would love to travel to your location, train your team in their setting, and see where their work gets done. Contact to get a quote.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to us at

Auld Consulting specializes in building world-class products, teams and organizations that Customers love.

We do this two ways:

1) With 90 day consulting solutions that combine training, strategic consulting, specialized coaching, and delivering a product release every 2 weeks. We “ditch the discovery phase” and get straight to work. All for one fixed price. There is nothing else like this in the market.

2) Specialized and globally certified training events focused on Scrum, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Leader, Scaling Scrum, Value Mapping, and many others. Our training is based on the scientific expertise of Dr. Jeff Sutherland, co-founder of Scrum. We combine the science of scrum with real world results based on successful implementation of scrum at dozens of world-class organizations. Our courses utilize the latest research and technology to ensure that our clients can stay ahead of their competition. Our interactive classes go way beyond the theory and help you build a personal implementation plan that you will take back to your company.

To learn more about our 90-day solutions, please contact me at

To register for an upcoming training event:

Any other questions please contact

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