Don't get us wrong, we believe in training, but we believe current training options are antiquated and provide minimal value.

To create better business outcomes, we combine customized training and real-time coaching into all of our products.

We have created all inclusive products where you actually get real work done. 

The 21st-century is a fundamentally different operating environment from the 20th. You have competition today that did not exist five years ago.


Our philosophy has created over $400MM in revenue, and counting.

We will work with you to add value every day!

Whether you are running a marathon, trying a new cooking technique, or learning a new way to build products.  You need help to "unfreeze" you out of your status-quo and show you a new world of possibilities.  

The problem with today's training is they are conducted in a sterile setting using overly simplistic examples.  The trainer is typically a professional trainer, not a professional "doer".  They have a transactional relationship with you.  Once the training is over, they are down the road for another training class.

Our solutions bring a professional trainer and experienced practitioner to your reality.  They have lived through the same challenges you and your organization are going through.  We stay with you during the most critical phase of your transition.  This allows the appropriate time and support to work through impediments that will arise.  

At the same time we work with the Leadership Team.  We identify and address major organizational issues.  Then we create a customized organizational blueprint for the future evolution of your organization.  

This is a critical time where learning will be highest. 

We designed our products to be with you for every step.


In twelve weeks you will have:

  • Product Vision

  • Product Roadmap

  • Product Backlog

  • 10 weeks of real work delivered by your Team

  • Customized Leadership Training

  • Customized Team Training

  • Customized Product Owner Training

  • Customized Scrum Master Training

  • Real-Time Coaching

  • Organizational Transformation Blueprint

  • Product Portfolio Plan