WE Believe in Outcomes over activities

In order to earn your trust and partnership we have developed consulting and training products that produce results, not just an invoice.

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Product Owner Blueprint

The Product Owner is the most integral role on the team.  Unfortunately, they are the most underserved in terms of training and coaching.

We have created a program that leverages the real work of the Product Owner.  Training, coaching and mentoring with a real product.  This will allow the Product Owner to be trained and coached in the environment and culture they deal with every day.  

Outcomes An exceptional product owner with a product vision, roadmap, release plan, and backlog supported by Leadership and ready to be developed by the Delivery Team.  

12 Weeks

3-9 Individuals

1 Price

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Agile Leader Blueprint

Agile Leadership is required for any organization that is looking to leverage an agile mindset and framework.

We have created a program designed specifically for the Leadership of an organization.  This will help you organize your portfolio in order to optimize your transition.   


The effort to transform your organization needs to be treated like any other product in your portfolio.   It requires focus and dedication. 

Outcomes: A Leadership Team that has a prioritized product portfolio, a transition roadmap, and a funding model outlined to support the transition.  

12 Weeks

3-9 Individuals

1 Price


Agile Team


Teams that are trained and coached together, have a much higher chance of success.  When teams learn together, they can support each other through the change.

After discovery interviews and workshops, we will create a  customized program that trains, coaches, and guides the entire team through the new framework. 


Agile, Scrum, Kanban, XP, and Waterfall.  Let's use the framework that is best for your specific needs.  

Outcomes A self-sustaining, continuously improving agile team delivering high-quality product increments on a consistent basis.

12 Weeks

1 Team

1 Price


Why Focus on Products?

Product focused companies are serving their markets more effectively than their competition.  In fact, companies focused on creating markets while serving their current customers are seeing the largest growth.   

Remember:  Your customers buy