This is where change starts

Organizations that introduce change with Leadership support have a much higher chance of success.  Model the behavior you expect from your Teams by going through this change with them. 

Leading an organization pursuing a different framework will change your role as a Leader.  Our experience and expertise will provide you with the counsel to propel your organization, team, and career forward.  

Auld Consulting LLC is one of the only organizations that has C-Suite experience with Business Transformations.  We have lived through the decisions you are facing every day. 

We have created specialized Programs for Leaders to optimize their opportunities:

Leadership Offerings

Leaders Go First

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doing work together

Vision, Roadmap, and Backlog Workshop

Start with "Why" and "What"

Opportunities and options are limitless. 

Time and money is limited.

How do you know where to start? 

This workshop will take you through the entire process:  Visioning, Roadmapping, and creating the initial Product Backlog

Agile Leadership Coaching

Putting You In Position to Succeed

To get to this point in your career, you obviously have talent.  Now to stay ahead of the competition you need to continuously add new "tools" to your toolbox.

Let's create a customized development plan together.