It’s a Matter of Trust

It's a Matter of Trust

A question for Leaders about trust:

Do your Teams trust you? Not sure? Take this test:

– In a working session, do you have to talk first?

– When is the last time you took an idea from a Team Member and put it into action?

– Do you have to review all work before it goes to your boss/customer/committee?

Early in my career I was responsible for building a website for a Client. We were ready to review the website with the Client for the first time. I was nervous. I even asked my manager/mentor Ted Trenzeluk, PMP to lead the review.

With all the love Ted could muster up, he said “If I do the review, the Customer will think I am the expert. You are the expert in the room. I trust you. You will do a good job. I have your back.”

It gives me chills to this day how much this meant to me.

Leaders: Would you let your team do a review with your Board, Customer, or Finance Committee. If not, why is that? And what message does that send to your team.

Leaders that trust their teams get trust returned to them. It is a two-way street. But since you are called a “Leader” we expect you to lead this effort. You need to set the environment for trust to grow.

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Your friendly neighborhood product coach, Tom

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