Business Outcomes Delivered

We believe that nothing is more important than business outcomes.  Customers, Stakeholders, and Employees expect outcomes that will excite, engage, and delight.

"How" you get to those outcomes will be unique to your Team, your Product, and your Organization.   This is why we are fluent in all product and project delivery methods:  

  • Agile/Iterative Development

  • Scrum

  • Traditional/Waterfall Development

  • Scaling Agile:  LeSS, Scrum@Scale, and SAFe

  • Kanban

  • Extreme Programming (XP)

  • Product Development

  • Human Centric Design

Our Approach:

  •  Current product/project analytics and a deep understanding of your organizational context will identify the best approach

  • Customized training and coaching will put your team on the path to success

  • Customized reporting to measure results

  • Real world data used to evolve and make the next set of decisions


Areas of Speciality:

  • Product Ownership

  • Leadership's Role In Agility

  • Business Agility Transformation

  • Agile Office Creation and Support

  • PMO Office and Support

  • Team Coaching

  • Project "Recovery" 

  • Analytics and Big Data in an agile environment

  • Agility in Regulated Environments

  • Agility in Real Estate

  • Program Management

  • Project Management 

  • Operational Agility

Start investing in outcomes, not  activities.  

Contact us today to see how we can be your primary business outcome specialists.  

Your Business Goals +

Our Expertise = 

Results Achieved

Management Consulting
Brainstorming Session


Build Your Foundation for the Future.

Training for the Organization, Team and Individuals

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Helping You to Get to Your Next Level.

Team, Organizational, and Individual Coaching Services. 

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Leadership Agility

How Does Agility Impact your Leadership Team?

We are one of the only organizations that have Coaches who have been C-Level executives working through Agile Transformations. 

We are ready to come in and help you understand the challenges and opportunities that come with Agile. 

Gazing Out the Window

Product Owner

Product Owner is the most demanding role on the Scrum Team.  It is often the role that will make-or-break the success of the Scrum Team.  

Yet there are so few resources for the Product Owner to hone their skills.  

We have built a unique coaching program that will build your Product Owner foundation and put you on the path to become exceptional. 

Keynote and Speaking Engagements





Free for Non-Profit Organizations

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Management Consulting

Customizable Solutions to Enable Your Organization to Capture Every Opportunity


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Getting started?

Project stalled?

Tired of paying for activities instead of outcomes? 


Industry Expertise: 

  • Retail

  • Health Care

  • Banking/Finance

  • Digital Solutions & eCommerce

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Manufacturing


  • Assessments:  Product, Program, Organization, Team, Portfolio

  • Vision, Roadmap, Release Planning

  • Framework Evaluation:  Agile/Iterative/Waterfall

  • Product Delivery

  • Program Delivery

  • Project Delivery

All great relationships start with a conversation.  

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Leader?  Individual Contributor?

Beginner?  Advanced? 


We have raining offerings focused on results over certifications 


We believe in training.  But we believe that current training and adult education classes are antiquated.  Asking for professionals to spend 1, 2, or up to 5 days away from the office (and off their email) is no longer an acceptable solution.  

Our training offerings combine the most effective methods for today's adult learner.  Theory; Real World Case Studies; Live Coaching; Group Activities; Online Activities (Polls, Surveys and Games) . 


Most importantly we build in time for the participant to work on their "real work".   You will make progress on your actual work with support from your group and your Instructor/Coach. 

Training Offerings: 

  • Product Owner - Prep and Day 1

  • PO180:  Advanced Techniques for Product Owners with at least 6 months experience

  • PO360:  Expert  Techniques for Product Owners with at least 12 months experience

  • Agile Leadership Summit

  • Agile Office Creation and Support

  • Project Management Offices in the Age of Agile

  • Scrum Master 101

  • Scrum Master "Master Class"

  • Advanced Agile Coaching

All Training Offerings will be customized to meet the specific needs of the organization and the individuals in attendance. 

Have an idea for a class that you don't see here?  Maybe we can make one for you!

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Management Consulting - WHITE.png

Keep your clients up to date with what’s happening. To make this content your own, just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.  



Management Consulting - WHITE.png

Keep your clients up to date with what’s happening. To make this content your own, just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.