A Perfect Example of Agile Leadership and Execution


“Greatness” Turn this Ship Around Enhanced Edition – Agile Leadership and Execution is the focus of Fear of Becoming Obsolete – Episode 29

🚀 Fear of Becoming Obsolete (FOBO) is Back with a Bang! 🚀

After our extended holiday break, Fear of Becoming Obsolete (FOBO) is back and we’ve got some fresh video content ready to supercharge your agile journey! This week we react to an absolute gem in the world of Agile Leadership and Execution – the “Greatness” video by the legendary David Marquet. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidmarquet/)🌟

Agile leadership and execution is a hard to explain:

That is why this week we react to an absolute gem in the world of Agile Leadership and Execution – the “Greatness” video by the legendary David Marquet. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidmarquet/)🌟

📚 Complementing Masterpiece:

This video is a perfect companion to his transformative book, “Turn this Ship Around,” where he unveils how an agile leader can achieve results that have never been witnessed before in the history of the United States Navy. 🚢

🔍 In Need of Agile Leadership Clarity? Look No Further:

If you’ve ever wondered what agile leadership truly “looks” like, this video is your guiding star. It’s a must-watch!

🍿 Join Us Today:

We’re breaking down the major learning points from this video and giving you actionable ideas to immediately implement. 🚀

💬 Audience Participation:

We want YOU to be part of this discussion! In the spirit of this video, share in the comments below: What have you done this week to stay relevant and agile at work? Let’s inspire each other with our agile achievements!

👀 Don’t Miss Out:

Click the link below to watch the video now and ignite your agile toolkit! 🔥

Get ready to level up your agile game! 💪

Agile Leadership and Execution is a specialty of AuldConsultingLLC.com

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