Frequently asked questions

What is with all the references to "Blueprints"?

In 2014, we started a Real Estate Company, Auld Real Estate (not too creative). Our concept was to use an agile mindset and scrum framework to flip single family homes and rehab and rent multi-family properties. As of May 1, 2019 we have flipped 12 properties with an average annual rate of return of 37%, At the same time we have 4 rental units that are generating a annual rate of return of 12%. So as we started building our service products we wanted to utilize the concept of a "blueprint". The training and coaching provides the structure (aka "blueprint"). Your specific team, organization, culture, structure, and goals will fill in the "open space" of the blueprint. Our products will put your team in position to add value on a daily basis and adjust to the changes your customers, markets, and competion will demand.

Do you provide certifications for training?

Short answer is "yes". If you and your team want to be certifed in your training, we can make that happen. The longer answer starts with a question: "What value does a certification provide"? Certifications are provided by "neutral" organizations that establish generic guidelines. We believe a better investment for your organization is to do real work while learning a new technique, process, and/or theory. See our Products and Workshops to see what is best for your unique situation

What do you mean "Fixed Fee"?

Our 12 week programs have a fixed fee so you know exactly what your investment will be and what your duration will be. Now we get to focus on adding the most value possible for your teams during this time. For example, at the start of the 12 weeks we establish a vision, roadmap, and success criteria. If at week 6, we find an amazing new idea, we will immediatly pivot to capture that opportunity. No change control board required! Let's be smart and use our time in the move VALUABLE way possible.

How many agile teams can you work with at one time?

1 is ideal. It allows us and you to focus. For unique situations we would consider 2 teams in parallel. We would like to talk to you about this to understand more details. Email us at to start a conversation.

What happens within the 12 weeks?

Typically we break the 12 weeks down into six, two-week increments (aka sprints). Increment #1: Goal Setting, Prioritization, Leadership Training, Metric identification; Team Training; Key Individual Training Increment #2: With Auld Consultant in the Lead: Team Kick off, Team coaching, Key team member individual coaching, One Product release, Leadership read-out (reporting), Planning for Increment 3 Increment #3: With Auld Consultant in the Lead: Team coaching, Key team member individual coaching, One Product release, Leadership read-out (reporting), Planning for Increment 4. Increment #4: With Client in the Lead and Auld Consultant providing guidance: Team coaching, Key team member individual coaching, One Product release, Leadership read-out (reporting), Planning for Increment 5. Increment #5: With Client in the Lead and Auld Consultant providing guidance: Key team member individual coaching, One Product release, Leadership read-out (reporting), Organizational Backlog for future incremental improvements. Schedule free six-month check up. Please remember, this is 100% customizable for your goals, your organization, your customer, and your teams. We provide the blueprint, you add the specific details to customize it for your needs.

Why are your products only 12 weeks?

In 30 years of expereince building products, we have found that 12 weeks gives us the right balance to see if we have the right product, right team, and right approach. At the end of the 12 weeks we will know if we should keeping investing (spending) at the same rate, increase spending (because there is value to be captured by adding team(s), or stop spending because the product no longer has value or the company had decided to invest in other areas with higher value. From a pure data perspective, 12 weeks gives us a statistically signfigant set of data to make our next set of decisions.

Does waterfall or traditional software development life cycle ever work?

Yes! The latest research suggests that if the product requirements will change less than 4% during development, waterfall is the way to go! If you have a product that is clearly defined, waterfall is a meaningful option. In today's working enviroment, typically we are working on complex products where requirmennts are likely to change way more than 4%. We prefer small investments of time, money, and human capital to build products incrementally.

Do you train on Real Estate development using agile and scrum?

All the time! Email Tom Auld at to set up a time chat!

Are you only offing solutions for agile and frameworks of agile like scrum, kanban, xp, etc?

No, but we "lean" to the agile way of work. We have seen in our experiences that small teams, building products iteratively, with on the customer in mind leads to the greatest level of success. Plus our business world is full of examples of where this works. Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Tesla, Microsoft, and Google seem to be doing well with this way of building produts. Let's leverage what works.

Do you have products that are less than 12 weeks?

YES! Our workshops are great alternatives to our 12 week products. The workshops are 1-3 days depending on your unique situation. The workshops all have general outlines, but we will work with you before coming onsite to customize them for you and your team. And like all of our initiatives, we will adjust in real-time to provide the most valuable workshop possible, Did we mention the fee is fixed? :) Go to our Workshops page

Why do you offer workshops instead of training?

Doing work solidifies the training concepts more than hearing the concepts. We are the "guide by your side" not the "sage on the stage". Plus it is way more fun! Interactive workshops will give you a chace to do something in a "safe space". That way you go back to your real work with a few experiments under your belt. That will put you in a better postion to have the new concepts and approaches actually help your daily work life. Check our Workshops

Would you/Do you speak at conferences and networking events?

Yes! We love sharing our experiences and outcomes. Beware! Our presentations are interactive. We bring exercises and experiences to help the audience actually learn something through practice. We have a few "standard" presentation events.

  • How to Be an Exceptional Product Owner
  • Agile Leadership Fails (and How to Avoid Them)
  • Many others...
Please email Tom at to discuss this in more detail.

Why are you different than your competition?

We belive that training and coaching your team members to think and act strategically will allow your organization to survive and thrive in this 21st century enviroment. The problems you are solving today will not be the same ones you will need to solve in 3, 6, 12 months. You need smart, nimble teams that can adjust with the needs of the company. You can't just hire new teams everytime there is a business change? Take the team you have and get them ready for the constant change that every business must face. We focus on high-impact, small duration initiatives in order to quickly assess the viability of the solution. If after 12 weeks we see we are on to something huge, we can then adjust the investment to capture as much of the opportunity as we can. If the desired outcome does not appear to be in reach after 12 weeks, we can quickly pivot to the next idea. We are product developers who also happen to love coaching and training. We spend equal amounts of time "doing" and "training". That keeps our knowledge base current and sharp. We all have experience in each scrum role along with leadership roles at major organizations. Our team members have been CIOs, COOs, Enterprise Agile Coach, Sr. Directors, and more. We cringe at the fact that many certified trainers have not been "in the field" actually building working products in years. We will be with you from the board room strategy sessions to the team level working areas to get product out the door. Not all ideas work. Our approch will get you to the "tipping point" of that idea within 12 weeks. Traditional management consulting approaches things at an impossibly high-level. They create 5 year roadmaps, supported by 400 page presentations. Your company does not have 5 years to evolve. The S&P 500 changes about 70% every 3 years. The business enviroment is changing on a daily basis. You need a product that will work at the speed of today's world, not the 20th century view of change. In addition, the source of these roadmaps and presentations are from your own organization! They interview your team members and package up their ideas. Instead of interviewing your team members, we train and coach your team members to put thier ideas to work. WOW! This answer is way too long. We will let this rest now and come back and trim it up in the future.

Do you do pro-bono work?

Yes! Our mission is to give back to our community. If you have an opportunity we could help with, please contact our founder, Tom Auld at