Episode 9 – “Closing the Deal”FOBO (Fear of Becoming Obsolete)

Episode 9 - "Closing the Deal"FOBO (Fear of Becoming Obsolete)

In episode 6, you improved your skills at your current job before resigning.

In episode 7, you created a killer resume in 30 minutes.

In episode 8, you nailed the interview.

Today we are going to talk about what to do after your interviews to close the deal and get that offer letter.

Join our Chief Product Owner, Tom Auld, as he shares his tips and techniques.

This week’s pop culture references will include Alex Baldwin from Glengarry Glen Ross, “Elvis”, Richard Branson, the band No Doubt, and many, many more.

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Video transcript

Hello everybody! Thank you for joining and welcome to Episode 9 of FOBO. I am your friendly neighborhood product owner, Tom Auld.

So, you identified your next job and improved your skills and experiences in episode 6.

You created your perfect resume in episode 7.

And you nailed the interview in episode 8.

But the job is not yours yet! You still have some work to do.

Today we are going to give you the tips and techniques to close the deal and get that job offer!

Grab a coffee, tea, or your favorite adult beverage, and let’s talk about staying relevant at work.


You brain is tired. You are exhausted. You just spent the last few hours talking about yourself to strangers.

And their opinion of you will determine if you get that job that you desperately want.

You think you made a great impression. You really liked what you heard about the job and the company.

You really want this job.

Now you need to close the deal.

First: Every person that you met with gets a personalized thank you email within 24 hours.

Hopefully you got all their information during your interview with them. If not, you can send the thank you emails to the HR person that organized your day and ask them to pass them on.

While you are writing the thank you emails, try to add something personal. Did you have an exchange that was memorable? Did the interviewer mention something they were doing? Make a casual reference to that.

That will show the interviewer you were paying attention. Believe me, this is not a common occurrence. This will help you stand out.

In addition, let them know how much you enjoyed the interview and how much you would appreciate the opportunity to join the company.

Invite them to follow up with any questions or even another interview if is needed to keep you in the mix.

Leave no doubt in their mind that you are interested in this job.

Now – a few days go by. No word. Nothing. Full radio silence. You still see the job posting listed, so you know the job is still open.

Now how long do you wait before checking back in with the hiring manager.

If it is a small company, 3 business days would be appropriate.

If it is a big company, give it 5 business days.

The amount of red tape to hire people at big organizations can be overwhelming. And if just one person is on vacation, it can delay everything.

Reach back out and just let them know you are still interested in the opportunity, and you are ready for any next steps they might have.

Just a nice soft touch goes a long way. And it keeps your name at the top of their email inbox.

If the radio silence goes beyond two weeks, that is usually not a good sign. It might be best to set your mind on the fact that you are probably a “no”.

Unfortunately, some companies have the bad habit of ghosting an applicant. That is bad form, but it might be a sign of the true culture at the company.

If the front line people whose job it is to attract and bring in top talent, doesn’t communicate well, it might be for the best that you are not there.

Give it one more try. A nice email letting them know you are interested. Maybe this will be the nudge they need to at least close the loop with you.

Or it might turn out that somebody was out of the office and that you are still in the running. You never know.

Hopefully you have 2 or 3 job prospects and interviews going at the same time.

I recommend not putting all your hopes on one job. The market is competitive, and you don’t know if there is maybe an internal candidate they are considering.

A lot of it is out of your control.

Above all else, don’t take anything personally. A “no” on a job you really wanted hurts.

But if you were one out of 50 candidates for a job, there are going to be 49 “no’s” to be delivered.

At the very least you met a new company, and you made a good impression on all the interviewers you met with.

There might be a similar job in the future where they remember you and seek you out for the job. It does happen so don’t give up hope.

So, there you have it. You have completed the full cycle of:

· Improving your skills before resigning – Ep 6

· Creating a killer resume in 30-minutes – Ep 7

· Nailing the interview – Ep 8

· Closing the deal – Ep 9

Now it is time to sit back and wait for those sweet, sweet offers to come in. The hard part will be sorting through all of them and picking the best one.

So, let’s talk about negotiating your best deal. Yes! You can negotiate a job offer.

Come back next week and let’s go through the final step in our process of finding your dream job.

So, there you have it. How did we do? Did you get any value from us today?

If you did, please hit the like button, and subscribe for future updates. Keep helping us spread the word about FOBO.

Every little bit helps.

You never know, you might help a friend, or an enemy, stay relevant at work.

This is your friendly neighborhood product owner, Tom Auld, signing off. Have a great week.

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