Episode 6: “Before You Resign” – FOBO (Fear Of Becoming Obsolete)

Episode 6: "Before You Resign" - FOBO (Fear Of Becoming Obsolete)

Happy FOBO Friday! When you decide to leave your job there are some things to do BEFORE you resign.

A serious topic with pop culture references. Special guest stars include Bill Lumbergh, Neo, Orpheus, a deep cut with Mark Duplass, and Homer Simpson. And a true story about Laurel Johnson, Beth Cathcart MA PMP CSM ITIL, and Lisa Kopitzke, CISM.


Hello everybody! Thank you for joining and welcome to Episode 6 of FOBO. I am your friendly neighborhood product owner, Tom Auld.

You have decided to leave your job. The culture, the opportunities, the leaders are not working for you. It’s time to move on.

Now just because you made the decision, doesn’t mean you walk into the boss’s office and immediately resign.

Let’s talk about some ideas and strategies for you to leverage before you submit your resignation.

Grab a coffee, tea, or your favorite adult beverage, and let’s talk about staying relevant at work.


Things happen. You are not feeling fulfilled, comfortable, or happy at your current company and you have made the decision to leave.

But before you run into your boss’s office and hand in your resignation, there are some strategies I would like to offer up to you.

First, it is always easier to look for a job, while you have a job.

So start by continuing to do a good job.

Sure, you might not sign up for extra work, but you need to keep up your level of professionalism. When you do leave, you want to leave on good terms.

Now start do some research. What skills and jobs are hot in the job market that align with your career goals. Start with some simple google searches:

· Top jobs skills 2023

· Most in-demand jobs 2023

Then check out salary.com to see if those jobs align with your financial goals.

Now that you have some ideas in place, what training or experience could you get from your current employer that gets you ready for the next job?

· Most companies nowadays have access to online and in-person training.

· Some that offer certifications you can take with you.

Now look around your current company. Are there opportunities to get some experience with these new skills you want to build upon?

Now you have started building these new skills, you want to change your focus as to where do you want to take these skills. What companies need great employees like you to do this kind of work.

Start with some google searching. Simple phrases like, “what companies are hiring data scientists” or “where are good jobs for mechanical engineers” will give you hundreds of options.

And here is where you can also tap into Recruiters. They can talk through your ideas and they might have relationships with the companies you are trying to join. Their warm introduction to the company could lead to a great outcome.

As you are starting to hone in on the companies you want to join, find out if you have any friends or colleagues that have connections there. LinkedIn is the perfect place to do this.

On LinkedIn, you can search by company name and instantly see the number of connections you have there. Reach out to the ones you are comfortable with and see if they would help you get connected. They will have access to internal postings that might not be seen on public job boards or by recruiters.

A warm introduction from another employee will put your resume right on top of the pile of resumes being considered for the job. And the employee who referred you might be in line for a referral bonus.

At a medical device company, I was tasked with building a data warehouse and analytics team from scratch. I started with a great data architect that I had worked with before. @laureljohnson. Then with his help, we found a great ETL architect in @kimschuman. And then as a group we added two amazing BA’s to the team @KimSticha and @BethCathcart to the team. This is one of the best team’s I have ever been a part of because we built the team together.

Let’s go through the checklist:

· You know what skills you want and need to move to your next opportunity

· You have a list of companies that need these skills and that you would be interested/excited to work for

· You have connected with recruiters, friends, and colleagues to get an inside connection.

Alright, start putting these actions into motion and join us next week to talk about the next step: This tiny 8.5 x 11 in of paper called a resume that is standing between you and your next career move.

Join us next week where we will deep dive on making your resume the one the hiring manger pulls out of the pile and makes the decision to bring you in for an interview!

How did we do today? I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. What did you like? What did you not like? What would you want us to do more of? And what would you like us to stop doing.

All feedback is appreciated.

Lastly, Keep helping us spread the word about FOBO.

Please share this with a friend, share it with an enemy, we all have the right to be relevant at work.

All likes and subscriptions would be greatly appreciated. All your support helps us out.

Thank you and have a great week.

I am your friendly neighborhood product owner, and I look forward to connecting with you in the future.

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