Welcome To the New Age of Consulting

The 21st-century is a fundamentally different operating environment for business. 
It is time consulting services evolve to meet today’s business needs.  

We have built the only consulting product designed to optimize product development and create high performing teams. 

Agile Coaching

Our Coaches will leverage your unique culture and team to establish a framework that works best for you.

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Our consulting products combine strategic planning, customized training, real-time, onsite coaching, and up to 5 product releases. 

All within 12 weeks. 

All for one fixed price.

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Agile Product Development

How is your product incrementally improving to meet your Customer expectations? In 12 weeks we can have you trained and on an evolved development path.

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Your competition is coming at you from all angles.  How are you securing your markets and creating nw markets? We can help you become a learning organization.

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1-3 day workshops to teach you new skills while doing real work.

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Our Approach

Our approach is designed, measured, and adapted to maximize value. Our employees are expert trainers and seasoned professionals at building successful products. 

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Product Development - Business Evolution 

This is the only all-inclusive consulting product to combine strategic planning, customized training, real-time, onsite coaching, and up to 5 product releases. 

All within 12 weeks. 

All for one fixed price. 

Outcomes will include:
•    Product Vision
•    Product Roadmap
•    Product Backlog
•    10 weeks of real work delivered by your Team
•    Customized Leadership Training
•    Customized Team Training
•    Customized Product Owner Training
•    Customized Scrum Master Training
•    Real-Time Coaching
•    Organizational Transformation Blueprint
•    Product Portfolio Plan

Customized for your organization, your product, and your team.  


Our Approach is Completely Different

WE Believe in Outcomes over activities

We produce results, not Just an invoice.



We believe in workshops over training.

Instead of training, we have workshops. The emphasis is on the WORK. We are going to create a customized workshop that provides tools and theory, but immediately has you integrate them with work that you are facing right now!  No training can replicate your exact organizational context.  

We believe workshops provide a better value to you and your organization because:

  1. You will immediately apply the training, tools and techniques to real work. 

  2. You will have a safe space to practice with your team.  Failure is learning!

  3. Teams that learn together will be able to support each other through the learning curve

  4. You will have a fun, shared learning experience. Team bonding cannot be understated as a value of these workshops.







Our solutions will optimize your current opportunities while making investments in your future products and markets.





You have a successful team and product, but you are encountering a performance plateau.  You may need a little "nudge" to get you to the next level. 

Our Coaches are experts in training, coaching, team development, and product development.  They have performed all of the roles in an agile team including Product Owner, Scrum Master, Development Team Member, Agile Leader, and Stakeholder.  

Every Coaching engagement is customized:
•    Team Evaluation via metrics and analytics

•    Team Training based on Team Evaluation

•    Key Role Training based on Team Evaluation

•    Customized 1:1 Coaching for Key Roles
•    Customized Leadership Training
•    Weekly Progress Dashboard
•    Real-Time Coaching 

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Agility 12

All-Inclusive Customized Training and Real Time Coaching resulting in up to five product releases in 12 weeks.

Teams that are trained and coached together, have a much higher chance of success.  When teams learn together, they can support each other through the change.

After discovery interviews and workshops, we will create a  customized program that trains, coaches, and guides the entire team through the new framework. 


Agile, Scrum, Kanban, XP, and Waterfall.  We use the framework that is best for your specific needs.  

Outcomes A self-sustaining, continuously improving agile team delivering high-quality product increments on a consistent basis.

12 Weeks

1 Price

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Product Owner Blueprint

Customized Product Owner Training, Product Vision, Product Roadmap, Product Backlog, and Product Metric reporting in a 12-week program.


The Product Owner is the most integral role on the team.  Unfortunately, they are the most underserved in terms of training and coaching.

We have created a program that leverages the real work of the Product Owner.  Training, coaching and mentoring with a real product.  This will allow the Product Owner to be trained and coached in the environment and culture they deal with every day.  

Outcomes An exceptional set of product owners with a product vision, roadmap, release plan, and backlog supported by Leadership and ready to be developed by the Delivery Team.  

12 Weeks

1 Price

Agile Leader.png

Agile Leader Blueprint

Customized Leadership Training, Portfolio Planning, Vision, Roadmap, Organizational Structure Assessment and Key Metric reporting in a 12-week program.

Agile Leadership is required for any organization that is looking to leverage an agile mindset and framework.

We have created a program designed specifically for the Leadership of an organization.  This will help you organize your portfolio in order to optimize your transition.   


The effort to transform your organization needs to be treated like any other product in your portfolio.   It requires focus and dedication. 

Outcomes: A Leadership Team that has a prioritized product portfolio, a transition roadmap, and a funding model outlined to support the transition.  

12 Weeks

1 Price