All Successful Business Transformations Have One Thing In Common

All Successful Business Transformations Have One Thing In Common


This is the common element in companies that have successfully transformed from a traditional organization to an agile organization.

Best Buy and Target Corporation transformed into engineer driven organizations leading with the digital channel after years of being an extremely successful merchandising and brick and mortar retailer.

What was the common reason? Amazon.

Amazon was coming for them, and they realized they had no choice, or they were going to become another name in the retail cemetery joining Sears, Kmart, Frys, Circuit City, Payless Shoes, Shopko, Toys R Us, American Apparel, HH Gregg, Radio Shack, The Limited, Golfsmith, Sports Authority, Borders, Blockbuster, and many, many more.

Then during the pandemic, Target Corporation and Best Buy expanded their lead on Amazon by merging their retail experience with their digital assets (mobile app and website).

Would they have done all of this without Amazon? Probably. Maybe. But surely, not nearly as fast.

If you don’t have an existential threat to your business, transformation will be extremely difficult.

You will need visionary leaders who are fluent in agility and believe in it to their core.

Otherwise, the inertia of a “mostly” successful company where people who resist change can still get their annual salary increase and their full bonus, will never see a reason to change. They will actively resist the change.

Those companies will die a slow death leaving nothing for the next generation of leaders and employees to enjoy.

So, who do you want to replicate? Target Corporation and Best Buy? Or Kmart and Circuit City?

Find the “why” in your transformation before the market dictates the “why” and the “when” to you.

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