Agile Maturity Assessments Don’t Work!

Agile Maturity Assessments Don't Work

Break Free from the 90-Day Maturity Assessment Trap and Unleash Value ASAP

I understand that there is a desire to measure progress, but measuring the agile “maturity” of a team or organization is a waste of time, money, and focus.

In the fast-paced realm of agile, the quest for maturity often leads organizations down the path of standardized assessments.

However, the stark reality is that agile maturity assessments fall short of capturing the true essence of a team’s ability.

Here’s why:

  • Unique Teams, Unique Metrics:
    • Every agile team operates in a realm of its own, driven by a unique product and set of goals. It’s like comparing the speed of Usain Bolt to that of an average person – an exercise in futility. Trying to measure all teams against a common “baseline of good” overlooks the diversity of their journeys and renders assessments ineffective.
Measuring Speed in various disciplines
Measuring Speed in various disciplines
  • Who are you Measuring your Agility Against?
    • Who in your industry would give you a good baseline to go against? Do you have anything in common with Spotify? If not, why are you trying to copy them?
    • And who is “doing agile” the best? Google? Apple? Facebook? Netflix? They are all doing the version of agile that best works for them.
    • Stop looking for a cookie-cutter solution that you can copy. The hard work, and the truly fantastic work, is when you invest the time, money, and expertise to build agility that BEST WORKS FOR YOU and your customers.
Stop wasting time, money, and resources
Stop wasting time, money, and resources
  • The Costly Waste of Time and Money:
    • Traditional maturity assessments take a staggering 90 days, culminating in an overly complex PowerPoint deck producing ZERO VALUE. This elaborate process often results in a lack of focus, with too many data points and experiments. Instead of achieving clarity on what truly impacts the team, organizations end up juggling 30 different initiatives with no clear correlation to improvement.

What should you measure?

  • One True Measurement: Stable Teams Delivering Value!
    • The ultimate measure of agile maturity is a stable team consistently delivering customer value over time. Because every day and every sprint will be different. If the team can constantly adapt to the needs of the customer and the organization, they are mature!
      • The only way you can find this out, is by doing real work and measuring customer value. Without this, you are just throwing darts at a dart board.

Stop over-planning and embrace the philosophy of “overdoing.”

Engage in real work, measure it, and then systematically enhance your capabilities.

Agile maturity assessments are a commonly used tactic by consulting organizations seeking billable hours, often without delivering tangible value.

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Have a valuable week!

Your friendly neighborhood product owner, Tom

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Agile Maturity Assessments Don’t Work

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