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Agile Leadership Summit

"Leaders are the ones who have the courage to go first, to put themselves at personal risk to open a path for others to follow."  - Simon Sinek

Setting the Foundation to Build the Future

This 4-6 hour workshop is broken down into two segments:

  1. Foundations of Agility:  As a Leadership team we want to build a common understanding of Agile.  That way we can focus on how to implement the mindset of agility because we agree on what Agile is, and isn't.  

  2. Organizational Backlog Creation: Now that Leadership has a common understanding of business agility, we turn the focus inward.  A conversation will be facilitated to identify the most important Organizational impediments.  Leaders will take accountability for addressing these impediments.  

Eight (8) weeks later, we will come back for a 90 minute progress check.  At that point we can bring in additional concepts and techniques to continue your path to business agility.


  • Foundational understanding of Business Agility

  • Organizational Considerations before making a Change

  •  Leadership Understanding of Why a Change is Desired

  • Leadership Backlog of Organizational Impediments

Who should attend?

  • Organizational Leadership (C-Suite, VPs, Directors) 

  • Whoever is Responsible for the Culture of the Organization