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The Consulting Model is Broken

We have a new model

Our Story

For over 20 years I was part of some of the greatest organizations on the planet.  We created world class products using an iterative (agile) approach. 


Don't let the "a" word scare you. 


I believe agile is being misused.  I consider agile to be economics 101:  "Invest the smallest amount to get the greatest benefit".  We no longer have the time to spend 18 months on an idea to see if it works.  Our approach boils it down to 12 weeks.  Please let us introduce Agile12(tm).

Agile 12(tm) boils everything down.  Discover, design, and deploy a version of your product every 2 weeks.  Yes!  Every two weeks.  This isn't science fiction.  Most organizations are updating thier product multiple times a day!  It just takes focus, discipline, and practice. 

The consulting model is broken.  More precise, the consulting model has not evolved in 40 years. 

"Let's do a 90 day discovery process.   We will interview your people.  They will tell us about their problems and their ideas to fix them.  We will do some research in our organization for some insights.  But since we are a consulting firm, not in your space, we will likely come up with some basic, well-known answers.  We will put this information in a really slick powerpoint pack.  At the end of the pack we will tell you how we are your best partner for this work since we just spent the last 90 days together.  Starting over with another partner would not be in your best interest because they would want to do their own discovery phase.  And then you will get the invoice for that really slick powerpoint.  Yikes.   How are we still allowing this to happen? 


What if I told you that within 90 days, we could take your #1 opportunity and create a fully automomous, cross-functional team who will build at least 6 working products that will capture the value of your #1 opportunity? 


At the end of our 90 days you have completed REAL work and:

  • Discovered if you had the right team to build this product

  • You had the right idea of how to capture this opportunity (or solve this problem)

  • You have empirical evidence on how long work like this really takes

Let's compare the 90 outcomes:   PowerPoint slides vs. Real work by a real team making real value.  Which one do you want? 

This is why we approach consulting differently. 

We do discovery and real work at the same time.  Sure, we may run into something that will cause an impact, but that would have happened eventually.  The sooner we run into those issues, the faster we can react and the sooner we can build that into the next planning session (or we can just fix the issue and move on). 

We spend "just enough" time to identify an opprotunity and agree on desired outcomes.  After that we give it to the team to let them use their experience and ideas to produce those desired outcomes.  They don't need us to tell them every step.  They need us that to react to their work, give feedback, and move impediments that they can't move themselves.  They mostly just need us to stay out of their way and keep other distractions from taking our time. 

So that is it.  That is who we are and why we are different.  We think our value proposition as your partner is the most equitable model in the market.  We guarantee results in 90 days! 

If you are ready to start a partnership with us, please reach out to us at and we can start.

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