Who We Are

Singularly Focused On Your Success

We believe that by helping others achieve their goals, we will achieve our goals. 


At Auld Consulting LLC, we understand that change is not always easy.  Unfortunately, change is the new normal.  We can either embrace change or be overtaken by it.  

Since 1992, we have been building a foundation of experience in various industries.  We have had a particular focus in Retail, Medical Device Industry, Product Development (Software & Physical), Information Technology, and Consumer Goods.  

This experience has led us to our exclusive product, Agile12™.  This framework is a value-based decision making model.  We sort through the noise and focus on what is most important at this point in time.  At the same time we keep that overarching goal on the horizon as our guiding force.  

Then we meticulously measure and analyze our results based on real world data.  From there we can make the next decision, and the next decision, and the next decision.  

We wish we had all of the answers before starting, but that would be untruthful.  We promise to be there with you to teach, coach and support you through any challenge you face.  

We will put you in the best position to succeed.  

In the end, the decision is yours.  

Let's be the change makers!