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Your organization is successful,  

but you see the competition coming.


We can empower you to optimize your current products while organizing your teams to pivot to the next "big thing"

Our consulting services are designed to create high-performing teams who are constantly delivering new products and features.  

The 21st-century is a fundamentally different operating environment for business.  We help you turn this environment into your competitive advantage.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

The Scrum Fieldbook by JJ Sutherland

Agile12™ and

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In 12 weeks you will find out if you have the right:

  • Product

  • Team

  • Organizational Design


12 Weeks

Dollar Sign

Fixed Price

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1 Team

1 Product

Professor Lecturing on Stage


Motivational Speaker


Best Product

Up to 5 Product Releases

Start Small

Learn and Adapt

Our Approach is Completely Different

WE Believe in Outcomes over activities

We produce results, not Just an invoice.




You have a successful team and product, but you are encountering a performance plateau.  You may need a little "nudge" to get you to the next level. 

Our Coaches are experts in training, coaching, team development, and product development.  They have performed all of the roles in an agile team including Product Owner, Scrum Master, Development Team Member, Agile Leader, and Stakeholder.  

Every Coaching engagement is customized:
•    Team Evaluation via metrics and analytics

•    Team Training based on Team Evaluation

•    Key Role Training based on Team Evaluation

•    Customized 1:1 Coaching for Key Roles
•    Customized Leadership Training
•    Weekly Progress Dashboard
•    Real-Time Coaching 











Our solutions will optimize your current opportunities while making investments in your future products and markets.



We believe in workshops over training.

Instead of training, we have workshops. The emphasis is on the WORK. We are going to create a customized workshop that provides tools and theory, then immediately has you integrate them with work that you are facing right now!  No training can replicate your exact organizational context.  Our workshops bridge that gap. 

We believe workshops provide a better value to you and your organization because:

  1. You will immediately apply the training, tools and techniques to real work. 

  2. You will have a safe space to practice with your team.  Failure is learning!

  3. Teams that learn together will be able to support each other through the learning curve

  4. You will have a fun, shared learning experience. Team bonding cannot be understated as a value of these workshops.

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